About Us


Skylink Wireless Internet LLC was founded based on our need for reliable high speed Internet for our family.

Our guiding principles can be condensed down to a few simple points: 

Treat others as we want to be treated:  With respect, and honesty.

Operate in a way that is honoring to God, acknowledging that we are only stewards of the material things with which we have been entrusted.

About Our Service:

 We provide service from numerous towers and access points throughout Reno and Stafford Counties.  Our service locations include, but are not limited to the 

South Hutchinson, Pleasantview, Yoder, Partridge, Abbyville,  Plevna,  Sylvia, and Hudson areas.

 contact us for details.


Skylink Broadband

Skylink Wireless Internet is becoming Skylink Broadband, We are changing our name to Skylink Broadband to more accurately reflect our services.  In addition to our reliable wireless solutions, we will be offering Fiber Optic Internet services in qualifying areas. Please fill out our contact form if you would like information on Fiber services and to find out if you are eligible.


Skylink Wireless And IdeaTek Team Up to Improve Internet Access in Rural Reno County

“Skylink Broadband” Acquires BTS Advanced Communications 

  • PARTRIDGE, KAN., March 19, 2020 – Rural Reno County residents will    soon have better internet infrastructure and speed upgrades through a new       partnership between Skylink Wireless and IdeaTek. Under the name SkyLink Broadband, they are acquiring local internet provider BTS Advanced Communications, creating a greater pool of resources to solve rural broadband challenges in the area. 
  • “This is a critical time to join efforts, as the BTS owner is retiring and IdeaTek has federal funds to bring fiber to select portions of our service area over the next few years,” said Skylink Wireless owner Ardell Yoder. “Our mission is to provide first-class service in these areas. By pooling our resources, Skylink Broadband will have greater access to fiber infrastructure, enabling us to provide even faster, more reliable point-to-point services in the short-term, and fiber to select areas in the future.”
  • Yoder said Skylink will be contacting BTS customers to welcome them to the Skylink family. The coming weeks and months will mark the beginning of an extensive upgrade process on many of the Skylink/BTS tower sites to ensure high-speed and reliable connections. 
  • “Skylink and BTS have been providing a very valuable service to the rural communities of Reno County for many years, and we look forward to helping bring the freedom of better access to the area,” said Daniel Friesen, IdeaTek’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer. 
  • For more information, BTS and Skylink customers should email Skylink at info@skylinkwireless.us or visit skylinkwireless.us

What to expect

Preparation for Installation

Site Survey

Prior to installation we will come to your location to verify a good connection, and formulate a plan for installation, and schedule an installation date, and time.


Installation of Skylink Wireless Internet service requires the mounting of a small outdoor antenna to the outside of your home or business, and running a network cable to the desired location inside your home or office.  This also includes installing and configuring your router.  You can either provide your own, or we have an enterprise class of routers (at additional cost) we can install and maintain for your convenience.