About Us


Skylink Wireless Internet LLC was founded based on our need for reliable high speed Internet for our family.

Our guiding principles can be condensed down to a few simple points: 

Treat others as we want to be treated:  With respect, and honesty.

Operate in a way that is honoring to God, acknowledging that we are only stewards of the material things with which we have been entrusted.

About Our Service:

 We provide service from numerous towers and access points throughout Reno and Stafford Counties.  Our service locations include, but are not limited to the 

South Hutchinson, Pleasantview, Yoder, Partridge, Abbyville,  Plevna,  Sylvia, and Hudson areas.

 contact us for details.

Experienced Staff


We have been providing reliable, high speed wireless service since 2012.   Our network engineer has 5 years of experience managing everything from simple home networks, to complex server builds, and installs.  We can also assist you with your PC, and laptop needs whether you need a basic laptop for email, or a business grade PC or laptop for your office

Competitive Pricing


Our Internet services are fairly, and competitively priced.  We do not try to up sell you or try to sell you what you don't need.

What to expect

Preparation for Installation

Site Survey

Prior to installation we will come to your location to verify a good connection, and formulate a plan for installation, and schedule an installation date, and time.


Installation of Skylink Wireless Internet service requires the mounting of a small outdoor antenna to the outside of your home or business, and running a network cable to the desired location inside your home or office.  This also includes installing and configuring your router.  You can either provide your own, or we have an enterprise class of routers (at additional cost) we can install and maintain for your convenience.