Disclosure Statement


We do not currently utilize active congestion management measures.

Skylink Wireless Internet LLC does not utilize active measures for throttling, and or blocking content or sites; however if a situation arises where a specific client is generating traffic which is degrading the user experience for the remaining customers on the Skylink network we reserve the right to take measures to mitigate the impact and maintain the integrity of the network such as notifying and disconnecting the offending client until the situation is resolved.

Any traffic and/or protocol which is consistent with potentially illegal or dark web activity may be blocked.             

The performance of Skylink Wireless Internet LLC internet connections are “best effort” and speeds are not guaranteed. 

Due the nature of wireless technology and factors out of our control we can not offer a guaranteed service or speeds.

We do not disclose or sell your private information.  There may be occasions when we employ traffic monitoring/capture measures for troubleshooting purposes.  If this occurs the information will never be shared outside of Skylink Wireless Internet LLC or its contractors, except in the events outlined below. 

In the event of a subpoena or a warrant we will in accordance with federal CALEA law work with the appropriate law enforcement agencies to secure the information covered by the subpoena or warrant.

If you have any concerns or issues with the service please contact us so we can assist you in resolving the issue. ardell@skylinkwireless.us

Please check back often since policies may change to meet regulatory needs.